We design and construct our drones based on the customer’s requirements.


  • Customization of the product based on the client’s requirements (size of the drone, quality of camera, fight time, size of the inspection screen, etc.)
  • Ability to fly in confined spaces without GPS and compass signal
  • Ability to perform BVLOS inspections – pilot and inspector remain outside the inspected area (no need for tank ventilation)
  • Ultra HD (4K) video recording on SD card
  • Advanced 3-axis camera stabilization systems
  • Live video feedback on different size screen (7-10 inch tablet, monitor, goggles)
  • Additional screen for inspector (independent from UAV operator)
  • 10 to 60 minutes of continuous flight time (depending on platform and payload)
  • Continous operation allowed by sufficient number of batteries and chargers
  • Powerful LED lighting with up to 2500 lumen  (no need for external lighting), yellow or white depending on the application
  • Carbon fiber cage for protection of the inspected structure, coating, drone and people
  • Wheels for  rolling on the inspected surface allowing for smooth and stable recording
  • Protection cage does not affect the view of the camera
  • Unmanned airplanes for long distance inspections